Auxiliary Arm KP Series



1.BYPASS: Automatically disable slow start function when screwdriver in reverse rotation, raiser to reverse screws.

2.Adjustable slow start speed from 30% to 100% of normal speed, slow start level setting from L1-L2-L3….L9-L0

3.Provide output start signal/ break signal/ forward and reverse signal with MOS relay switch

4.Compatible with KILEWS Brushless DC SKD-BN series

5.Slow start time can be set from 0.1 S up to 9.9 second

6.Dimension : 58X95X35 (LxWxH)


Auxiliary Arm KP Series photo



1.Provide with the rocker arm, enable to revolve on 360 degrees.

2.Main shaft can be extended to maximum 830mm

3.Power arm inside includes nitrogen gas stick, allow user to grab the arm easily, automatic lift up to position after finishing the work.

4.Easy to assemble and disassemble.

5.Optional accessory KP-VA1, KP-VAR(90 degree adapter) is available for user to adjust angle in accordance with the object to be fastened.


Product Spec

Model KP-AUX1T-B
Description Suspension Arm
Reach 50mm~830mm
Models SK-6 Series
Remark KP-VA1 adaptable
Model No. Max torque (Nm) A(mini/maxi) cm ToolØ diameter(mm)
KP-AUX-C50-1000 50 43~100 38.5~52
KP-AUX-C50-1200 50 50~120 38.5~52
KP-AUX-E50-1000 50 43~100 38.5~52
KP-AUX-E50-1200 50 50~120 38.5~52
KP-AUX-B50-1000 50 43~100 38.5~52
KP-AUX-B50-1200 50 50~120 38.5~52
KP-AUX-D50-1000 50 43~100 38.5~52
KP-AUX-D50-1200 50 50~120 38.5~52

90° Degree Attachment Applicable Model

KL-1 SK-B6L Series, SKD-BN700L Series
KL-2 SKD-B5L Series, SKD-BN500L Series
KZ-1 SKD-B100 Series (only for SKD-B113LZ)
KL-M-1 SKD-B100 Series (only for SKD-B123KLM)
KL-M-2 Screwdriver should be customized

90 Degree Cable Adapter

KA-1 can support all the brushless motor models (6PIN):

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